The animation team at Yellow Spot Productions have completed the 3D animation for a brand new learning app about "Making promises" ... created by Jessami Limited. 

The "Do You Promise?" app, features all the Super Geek Heroes characters and launched in October 2017. 

Jessami acquired the rights under license to feature the Super Geek Heroes earlier this year. It's really great to see the work our animators created to bring each character to life on the app. 

"What's happening in the studio?"

Pictured: Fraser & Charlie reprise their roles as Super Geek Heroes... Ronnie Rock and Millie Maths, during a recording session at Yellow Spot Productions studios in Devon.

The creative team at Yellow Spot Productions are working on the next 21 episodes for the Super Geek Heroes 3D animation series. 

The children voicing the characters attended our studio to record the next episode scripts.

​We have retained some very talented young people reprising the characters they portrayed so well during the first series. The learning content for Seasons 2, 3 and 4 is looking very exciting indeed... please stay in touch for more updates!

Pictured: Yellow Spot Productions create 3D animation for Super Geek Heroes characters on "Do You Promise?" app

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